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Access Online empowers you to quickly and easily assess all of your global cash flows and execute transactions with one sign-on. With Access Online you can initiate and authorise a range of payment types in all major currencies and manage user rights from anywhere in the world.

Access Online supports a broad range of electronic payment types:

  • Urgent/high value
  • Low value (ACH)
  • Treasury and commercial
  • Single and batch
  • Intra-company
  • Bank to bank

Access Online’s sophisticated payment upload (import) function allows you to easily transfer data from your accounting, treasury management or ERP system. To ensure straight-through processing, you can easily make interactive checks on this data and correct payment instructions instantly, thus reducing manual intervention and operational risk. User-friendly technology allows you to track the status of your payments at every stage (entered, partially or fully authorised, on hold, need reworking, sent accepted or rejected for processing), providing an optimal view of financial flows. All electronically signed transactions are then archived together with their signatures in protected storage, providing the transparency you need to meet compliance initiatives like Sarbanes-Oxley.

Regardless of size or complexity, companies work better when they have the clearest possible view of their financial and commercial transactions. With cash flow and transaction data monitored via a single platform, your company can think on its feet.